NRT: A Jiggly Miracle

Maybe five years ago I botched a dyno and threw out my back. If this has ever happened to you before you know how debilitating it is. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand or sit, basically couldn’t do anything but lay on my back in bed. I was given muscle relaxers and pain killers and it took me over a week to be able to walk normally again.

A little over a week ago, I did it again. I’m not sure how it happened this time as it just got gradually worse over the day, but by the end I was in the same bedridden state. Then by the same time the next day I was maybe 75-80% better. How did I make this miraculous recovery? Neural Reset Therapy (NRT). NRT is fairly new as far as I can tell and I wasn’t able to find much information online about it. From what I’ve gathered you basically overload the mechanoreceptors in a muscle and the result is the muscle “resets” and fully relaxes. So in a simple example if you were to have a biceps issue, the therapist would target the antagonist (triceps) by resisting you extending your arm (engaging the triceps). Then they would basically jiggle your arm around while you continue to try to resist. The jiggling is the overwhelming signal that the mechanoreceptors receive and the result is the biceps relaxing. Here’s a video of it being used after a hamstring injury. Skip to 1:40 to just see the jiggling. If you watch the whole thing you can see just how much the muscle released based on his major increase in range of motion. Oh yeah, it improves range of motion. Maybe this means I’ll be able to touch my toes someday…

So the day after I couldn’t get out of bed I went to my friend, Liam Buell, and he worked on my back. I walked in with the gait of my 90 year old grandfather, then after no more than an hour of basically jiggling my legs and tapping on my abs with a reflex hammer, I could stand, sit, and walk like a normal person again! I seriously couldn’t believe how effective it was.

I guess when I previously said I got to 80% recovered the next day, I should have been more specific: Within one hour I went from maybe 30% functionality to 80%.  I couldn’t recommend NRT enough for anyone suffering from a muscular issue and if you’re in the Seattle area, Liam is your man!

Edit: I should have mentioned, I hurt my back on a Saturday, Liam worked on it on Sunday, and I was back to climbing normally on Tuesday!

Edit 2: NRT should not be confused with the questionable “neural therapy,” in which areas of pain are caused by “interference fields” and are treated with injections of a local anesthetic.


2 thoughts on “NRT: A Jiggly Miracle

    1. Not sure but I’d guess erector spinae were the issue. The antagonists he focused on were abdominals and psoas. It’s kind of difficult to explain how he worked on me but basically I was in a crunch position on my back with my legs up at 90 degrees and he jiggled them down. So he didn’t really work on my legs directly, just used them as a lever to engage the abs and psoas.


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