Hangboard Update

Last week I retested my max hang  after 6 weeks of following Steve Maisch’s review of isometric strength training. To review, the idea is to do single reps at submaximal effort with extended rest between reps. Although I followed this protocol with 9 second hangs I wanted to directly compare to my previous experiment with 5/3/1 so I retested my max for 7 seconds on an 18 mm edge. With 5/3/1 I went from 95 lbs added to 105 lbs added, which is a  10.5% increase in added weight. In order for Steve’s protocol to show the same increase I would need to max at +116 lbs. Unfortunately I was unable to do so. I held +115 lbs for approximately 6.5 seconds. I will say, however, that the time commitment and perceived amount of work was much lower than 5/3/1 for the amount of strength increase that this protocol provides. I’d say either one is pretty effective, but I’m going to follow my own numbers and switch back to 5/3/1 for a few cycles.

Also, after listening to Will Anglin on Trainingbeta, I’m back on the campus board/power bandwagon! However, there’s a twist; I’ll be using a weight vest while campusing. I’ll explain more in my next post after I’ve had a few sessions on the board. You can also listen to Will’s (very good) podcast for his explanation.


2 thoughts on “Hangboard Update

  1. Just 2 questions: On what did you base the 7sec hold times for the 5/4/3 and was/is there a reason for not accounting for body weight + weight instead on just added weight?


    1. Do you mean why did I choose 7 sec for 5/3/1? Pretty much because that’s what I’ve always been told to do as it represents the maximum amount of time you’re likely to be holding a single hold. I prefer 9 sec as that is what Steve concluded from the literature but now I feel too invested in testing at 7 sec to make the switch. Also I think doing 5/3/1 at 9 sec would put you above the recommended total TUT.

      As for accounting for bodyweight, no real reason. Only tracking added weight is just a little easier. I have started weighing myself before hanging recently and haven’t noticed any significant fluctuations.

      Admittedly for the small fluctuations in my weight the introduced error of actually strength increased could mean both protocols are equivalent. However, I think trying to account for accurate bodyweight would open a whole other can of worms. The scale I use at the gym is rubbish and using my good scale at home wouldn’t be meausuring at the time of hanging so that wouldn’t be very good for an absolute measurement either.


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