Are you hanging too long?

Steve Maisch is quickly becoming my favorite training guru. If you haven’t been to his site yet, I highly recommend it (I’ve added a link in the sidebar). There aren’t too many articles, but they’re all gold.

One thing I’ve always noticed in people’s training is so many do really long hangboard sessions. I mean, they have so many holds. That means you have to hang on all of them in a session, right? Not necessarily. For hangboarding (campus boarding too) less is definitely more. Those tools are for developing raw strength. Think of a power lifter. They do low reps with high load with truly remarkable results. No lifter is going to set a record after doing 5 sets of 20 reps with 30% of their max! Anyways, my rule of thumb for hangboarding has always been the session should be no more than 30 min and that includes all the 3-5 minute rests between sets. Now Steve is rocking even my world with his evidence based claim of a total hanging time of 36-150 seconds! I highly recommend reading the full article.


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