Review: Power Fingers

Well who knew being a grad student would be so time consuming! I’ve been extremely busy so far this year, but I have a lot of posts lined up and you can expect a lot in the summer. For now I’ll be doing short posts with brief reviews or quick tips.

First up is a review for Power Fingers. Power Fingers is an elastic disk used to work the antagonist muscles in your forearm. Place your fingers in the five holes and open your hand. Simple and effective. They’re sold in a set of 5 disks of varying difficulty so you can find the one of perfect resistance.

Just in case some of you haven’t hear, (for those who have, it’s worth repeating) antagonist exercises are extremely helpful in keeping a muscular balance and preventing injury. For the extensors in the forearm, it’s pretty typical to just use a rubber band around all your fingers and open your hand.

It can be difficult to be sure each finger is feeling equal resistance using this method, though. The Power Fingers is very nice, in this respect, as each finger is in a separate loop which ensures each finger is actually doing work.

Although Power Fingers is an effective tool, it is only sold in a set of 5. Once you figure out which one is best for you, the rest are basically useless. You could argue that if you’re starting with a lower resistance, you have the full set to work your way through as you progress. I, however, found the heaviest one to be just right. It also costs $25 for the set, so I’ve basically spent an extra $20 just to figure out which one works for me…

All in all, I’d say stick with a rubber band. They’re cheap and you can keep them on your wrist so you’ll always be reminded to do your antagonist work. Tip: If you have an armaid, I’ve found the black elastic band that comes with it to be a really good resistance.

P.S. On an unrelated note, I’ve had a really fun season in Leavenworth so far. You can check out my latest video from last weekend here.


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