New Blog!

I decided to branch off my other blog about my and my fiancee’s time in Seattle so my non-climbing friends wouldn’t have to slog through my constant climbing ramblings, and as I continue posting, you’ll see I really do ramble quite a lot… Hopefully some of you will get something out of this, or at least reading my posts will be a moderately enjoyable way to waste some time :).

Anyways, let’s start off with a little bit about myself. I lived in Austin, TX for the last twenty years. I attended the University of Texas where I double majored in physics and astronomy, and most importantly met my wife-to-be Michelle (also a physics/astro double major). I now live in Seattle, WA and attend the University of Washington where I’m working on my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. If my academic pursuits haven’t tipped you off yet, I am very much a science nerd. As much of a science nerd as I am, I’m even more so a climbing nerd; specifically a training nerd. I am absolutely obsessed with training. I think I inherited this mentality from my dad, who was a cyclist (a fairly successful one at that) from before I was born until he was about 60. Being obsessed with training, means I tend to do it a lot, which in turn means I don’t rest enough. So I thought Not Enough Rest Days (N.E.R.D.) would be a fitting name for a physics/astronomy/engineer guy writing about his climbing obsession!

I started climbing in January of 2006 with my best friend, David, and I’ve been going nonstop ever since. I’ve always been an athlete, but have never really enjoyed team sports. Not that I don’t like being on a team, I just never got a real feeling of self-accomplishment if we won. I never felt like “yes, I made this happen.” Climbing, for me, is as polar an opposite of a team sport as I can think of. Absolutely everything about it is internal. If you can’t do a climb, it’s on you. If you can do a climb, it’s all you. Sorry, like I said, rambling…

Climbing in Austin was my passion, but with the closest quality destination being 8 hours away, I never had a driving force to improve other than the abstract force of improvement itself. Really my goals at the time were “do the red taped problem before it gets stripped next week.” Very fleeting and impossible to gauge. Now, living only 2 hours from amazing granite, I can form real and specific goals to focus on and truly push myself to achieve. Climbing has reached a whole other level for me now, and I’m beyond excited to see where this all goes.

Enough introduction, let’s talk about what you can expect to see in the blog. Like I said, I’m a training nerd, so you can definitely expect to hear a lot about my progression from my training, injuries, various training regimes, etc. I’ll also post the occasional “I sent ____!” when I have the chance to get outside. I also shape climbing holds so I’ll occasionally throw up some pictures of those. I may even do an occasional gear review if I get a shiny new toy that I think is worth showing off. My first real post (hopefully within the next few days) will be a review of a new self massage tool I picked up called the KnotOut.


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